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Circle’s ahead in the race,
First to comply with MiCA’s embrace.
From July 1st, USDC and EURC start,
Available to European hearts. 🤯

This marks a milestone in crypto’s quest,
Stablecoins now legal, passing the test.
In one of the world’s largest lands,
Circle France issues with compliant hands.

To achieve this feat, Circle got an EMI,
License in France, reaching for the sky.
Now stablecoins in the EU are sound,
With assets reserved, regulations abound.

Founded in 2018, Circle took flight,
Launching USDC, a financial light.
USDC holds a $32B stake,
While Tether’s $112B still takes the cake.

But why’s this important? 💡 Here’s the deal,
Circle’s compliance sets a new feel.
For stablecoins and crypto providers alike,
A path for adoption, a regulatory spike.

The EU’s financial scene can now shift,
Blockchain infra’s giving it a lift.
Payments, remittances, DeFi’s the key,
Stablecoin utility in the EU we’ll see.

Maja Vujinovic, from 2013’s game,
Sees Circle’s journey, not the same.
From rejection to today’s embrace,
Stablecoins in 2024 find their place.

In an on-chain world, they’ll be core,
Stablecoins’ tech will open the door.
$160B in market cap they hold,
With 93M+ addresses, stories told.

So what’s next? 🤔 you may wonder,
For new stablecoins, it’s a thunder.
As MiCA’s rules took hold June’s last day,
Tether’s non-compliance means they can’t stay.

Who’ll compete with USDC and EURC’s might?
Are they too late, or just in sight?
What’s your take on this stablecoin fight

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