Raising money makes or breaks a start up. And guess what? Once you raise your initial money, you never stop. Let our seasoned team of experts help you put your best foot forward.

When you join us, we give you cap table and document management services. There’s a lot of ways to make mistakes, so use our partners and let them help you keep you financials in order.

Join our chain and see how investors think, and what to present to them. And once you have started working with us, let’s see if we can kick open any doors that after otherwise closed to you.


Production – Sales = Scrap. A bad pitch won’t sell the best ideas out there. Work with our team and let’s tell your story. We’ve made a ton of pitches and listened to even more. With our help, we can streamline your messaging, find the right hook, and give investors what they want to see.

We will also put your pitch on our award winning podcast, and blast out your message to our network. Let’s wake up the salesperson in you.


It all starts and ends with a strategy. What are your firm’s goals and objectives?

How do you rate on inputs, operations, sales, marketing, delivery and service?

Have you mapped out your strategy and action plan? Does your budget link with your company’s strategy?

Are you using classic MBA modeling such as SWOTT analysis (the last T is for trends), 4 P methods, and Porter Modeling?

Can you speak about your firm strategically, or are you caught in the world of features and benefits?

Click here for a strategic planning workbook


The greatest ideas in the world often fail because of poor marketing. Let’s start with a marketing plan that is client focussed. We can work through the marketing basics and messaging, all the way through customer acquisition. When you talk with investors, it is more about how you will make them money, and less about the technology you will use to do it.